message for Khader

Dear Khader,

while facing this ordeal inside an Israeli prison, you should know that you have inspiured many people all over the world!

your courage and strength have given a voice to many people to speak up for Palestinian rights and against the unlawful practice of administrative detention.

We all stand in solidarity with you, and all prisoners. You have shown us how to resist injustice with dignity and we have taken this to our hearts.

I hope and pray that you are well, that god gives you more strength and that he watches over you!

I will keep trying to do everything I can to secure your freedom, and I hope that you will be reunited with your family immediately.


khader adnan... with regards and prayers from Turkey.

Dear Khader,

The world and the world leaders may be deaf towards your and the Palestinian people's cause and struggle. But please do not forget that God is never deaf to your voice. Nor will be humanity or history. History is made up by the stories of heroes like you. And also please do always remember that our prayers will always be with you...

 with regards and prayers from Turkey...


Solidarity to you and your family in this incredible act of defiance which exposes the callousness and brutality of Israel's policies and actions against the Palestinian people. Kiri Tunks

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From Egypt, Thank you

Dear Khader,

From Egypt, We thank you for inspiring us. We thank you for showing us how to resist. We thank you for showing us the true meaning of dignity ..

We urge you to be strong, to fight. You're not alone, We beg you to keep fighting, your weak body is way stronger than them, it's our honor to have you.

From Egypt, Support, Love, and Douaa.


Egyptian Brother.

lulu de raven: A letter to Khader Adnan

Good morning Khader ..

I woke up this morning, unlike every morning i didnt head to kitchen to make my coffee, I just switched on my laptop to check news about Khader Adnan .. thank God .. you are still alive. I got an invitation on Facebook page .. " send a solidarity letters to #KhaderAdnan " .. even though i think about your case much I feel like i don't have much to say .. I feel humbled in front of all that you have been doing.Last night I ended up 6 days of hunger strike, those 6 days were horrible .. horrible !! how tiny I am
comparing what i'v done to what you have done and still doing. freedom is priceless
you are a free man in jail. you are more free than any one of us. you taught me, and inspired me.
people like you Adnan will never die. Stay strong and may you return safe and sound to your family very soon, your death is unacceptable, this world needs more of you.. more of Khader Adnan.

Regards .. Dalia