message of support to Khader Adnan and his family

Khader Adnan and Family,

I am from vancouver,canada and i heard today that you would be released from prison on april 17th.That will be good news.I imagine your family will be happy about that.On the 18th of feb.i went to a rally here in vancouver in support of Khader Adnan.I also wrote a couple of letters to members of the israeli gov.protesting against this atrocity.
You shouldn't have been in prison to begin with.Administrative Detention reminds me of the policy that prime minister Margarite Thatcher of England had in the early 1980s against the irish people called Internment Without Trial.It was very brutal for the irish people.It is good that some former irish political prisoners sent you solidarity greetings.The people of Northern Ireland and Palestine got a lot in common.It is people like yourself that will make the necessary changes in Palestine.You got the support of the majority of people in the world.Keep up the good work.