Thank you


 Thank you for being a such an inspiration for so many people around the world, including myself.

 People like you, and like your patient and strong family and friends are the ones who make this world a better place.

 I hope it resolves to opening peoples eyes, and making them undersant what kind of fight people like you fight every single day.

 You have my full support, and I pray to God everyday that you'll your life will be easier for you, and that God will help you through your every fight.

 Keep being the good person, and the people you are!

 Hope everything will get better. For you AND your family.

 May Allah bless you InshaAllah. 




Respect for you and your family

Salaam Mr Khader Adnan   Please accept my sincere  hope for your full and speedy recovery.   I offer my profound respect for your courageous non-violent action to end the  egregious Israeli policy of administrative detention of which your action  made the world aware.   I also offer my respect to your wife and father who have heroically suffered alongside you.   yours respectfully and in soldarity   Dr Vacy Vlazna Justice for Palestine Matters

Simon from the UK

Dear Khader Adnan and Family

Your struggle is an inspiration. You put the struggle in the UK (which does exist you may or not believe) into perspective. Free Palestine

Simon Furse


Hello Khader.
My name is April. I am a student and a supporter of the Palestinian cause. I am from Bristol, in England. I am aware of your recent and sustained suffering in administrative detention. I am totally astounded by your bravery and courage, please keep up the fight. I know that most people in the world support your cause, and the freedom of the Palestinians. You are in my thoughts, and in my prayers. I know you must be missing your family so much that it hurts, I am thinking of them as well. Your pain and the pain of your people must come to an end eventually, and supporters all around the world are working towards this. Please try your best to stay strong and keep fighting, you will soon be released, and the world will be so pleased. There are people who love and care for you, you are never doing anything alone.
My Best Wishes.

Khader Adnan

Assalamau Alaikhum.

I am from the Uk and I am so happy that a deal has been reached. I pray that you are released sooner than the date they have decided.
You are an icon and your name will always be remembered. You have great courage and by the power of Allah swt you were able to survive such an ordeal.
Allah swt is with you and you have been in my duas. Palestine is always in my duas.
Palestine one day will be free.

You are a courageous man and i respect you so much.
A true Palestinian.

Allah hu Akbar

In Solidarity

Dear Khader and Family,

  We are all so pleased to see the result of your hunger strike! Huge amounts of respect must be payed to you for undergoing this odeal for the sake of highlighting Israel's opressive regime.

  In solidarity    

message of support to Khader Adnan and his family

Khader Adnan and Family,

I am from vancouver,canada and i heard today that you would be released from prison on april 17th.That will be good news.I imagine your family will be happy about that.On the 18th of feb.i went to a rally here in vancouver in support of Khader Adnan.I also wrote a couple of letters to members of the israeli gov.protesting against this atrocity.
You shouldn't have been in prison to begin with.Administrative Detention reminds me of the policy that prime minister Margarite Thatcher of England had in the early 1980s against the irish people called Internment Without Trial.It was very brutal for the irish people.It is good that some former irish political prisoners sent you solidarity greetings.The people of Northern Ireland and Palestine got a lot in common.It is people like yourself that will make the necessary changes in Palestine.You got the support of the majority of people in the world.Keep up the good work.

Younis from Florida the United States

Hey Khader Adnan Alhamdulilah you are ok. You were in my thoughts and prayers for as long as I knew of your detention. I'm very happy that you will now be able to raise your kids and be with your wife. You taught people everywhere that resisting foreign occupation is a possibility and that you don't have to give in to your oppressors.