Stand Strong

To the Adnan Family,

your struggle has proven that there is justice. There is justice even when it seems smaller than a speck of sand swirling around in the air. Yor steadfastness, determination and will to show the world that Palestine is well & alive. You chose the path of non-violence and you won. You chose the hardest path in the face of occupation and discrimination- but your path led you to victory.

I hope to see many more victories for Palestine as you have embodied Khader. I hope to see all Palestinians, young & old stand up and take the path of non-violence, because in the end it will be the peaceful that will win this fight.

I am sending all my love, from the bottom of my heart to your entire family and to all of Palestine. In Palestine hope is the first to fight and the last to die, and you khader have shown that hope & determination are the beating heart of Palestine.

Much love, hugs, and kisses for all of Palestine.

Tonight the stars shine just for you.

Ania Ferensowicz