To Khader Adnan and family

Dear Khader Adnan and family,

In every essence of this greeting, Assalam-O-Alaikum!

I am finding it very, very hard to put words to the kinds of emotions I am feeling right now. I literally can not find words to describe how I feel, how upset I am that you have had to endure such...well, I'd rather not remind you of what you've already been through. Your strength, will power, and resistance is extra-ordinary. It's inspiring, it's beautiful, and it's contagious. This fight is not yours alone, your beautiful wife and precious daughters are in this, too. I salute their strength, their patience, and their understanding... I salute their willingness to make a endure knowing, seeing you fast day after day to fight for YOUR rights and rights of all prisoners. I can not even begin to imagine what they must be going through... the whirlwind of emotions they must be feeling... I know what I am feeling... anger, frustration, HELPLESSNESS, weakness...and emotions that I can not describe. I'm barely able to digest these emotions, and I don't even know you. But your wife, your daughters, your father...your flesh and blood, I keep questioning myself, how do they cope with a single passing minute of you being shackled to your death bed at the hands of such evil, heartless people... but the answer is simple: by Allah (swt)'s mercy and benevolence, it is you. You are OUR HOPE. YOU ARE HERO. You are ready to die for Palestine. You are a man of your word. If you don't epitomize the essence of a true Moumin, a Martyr, then I don't know what does.

O my Master! Your slave is at Your doorstep. His desperate need has rooted him before Your hands. He knocks on the gate of Your generosity  with his prayer, and he solicits Your gracious consideration in relieving his dilemma through his hearty anticipation in You. O my Lord! You are the one who is never burdened  by the pleas of the beseecher, nor are You ever encumbered in rewarding Your grantee, Verily, You are how You describe Yourself and above what we describe. O my Lord! I ask You to grant Khader Adnan a rewarding patience, a neighboring relief, a true affirmation, and a great reward; I ask You,  O my Lord, for all the good whether I know of it or not, I ask You, O  my Lord, for the best of what have asked You Your righteous believers. Ya Rab, the Most Generous that has ever given, Fulfill his quest in himself, his family, parents, children,  community, and my brothers and sisters. And ascend his bravery and improve all of his affairs, and that of his neighbors, brothers and sisters. Ameen ya Rab-al-Ameen

Your sister in Islam, in humanity

California, US