"Your sixty-six days of power" by Sami Kishawi, from Chicago to the Gaza Strip

Khader Adnan, let it be known that it is your willpower, your courage, and your determination to defy injustice that has sparked Palestine's beacon of hope. Very few people can move the world the way you've done and the fact that you've done it all, selflessly of course, for a people deprived of their human rights and self-sovereignty makes you all the more spectacular. You are a role model and if I could do just one percent of what you've accomplished, I would be content with myself.

I will take the liberty of speaking on behalf of myself, my community, my city, and my people and say that you, Khader Adnan, will forever be recognized as a primary reason for the collapse of the occupation and an end to the apartheid and racism on which Israel has institutionalized its very existence. With the grace of God, your sixty-six days of power have proven to be stronger than anything Israel could literally and figuratively throw at you. You are a living symbol of just how strong the Palestinian composure truly is.

I hope to meet you one day. In a free Palestine, we will cross paths and I will shake your hand with gratitude for managing to revive in me a sense of hope for Palestine. Thank you, and thank your wife, your family, and your friends for teaching us how to appreciate our heroes.

Sami Kishawi, from Chicago to the Gaza Strip