Greetings and support from Costa Rica.

Assalamu Alaikun Khader.
Here Costa Rica standing in solidarity with you and your family.
Your heroic act show the world how strong Palestine is.
May Allah bless you and the whole brave Palestinians like you.
You're in our thoughs and praises.


hunger support

Your hunger in body is a massive symbol of Palestinians' hunger for justice and freedom.

I respect you greatly for your stance and the world is watching.

Regards.  Respect.  Salaam.

Ged B


My name is Ruba Ahmad and I'd like to share this message with Adnan

Every time I pray and place my forehead on the ground I find myself asking God to save you from those who have lost their ability to feel. And when I'm not praying, I hear my heart utter those same words with every thump inside my chest. This world is cruel and unjust, but no good deed is done in vain. The time will come when justice is served and all will face the repercussions of their actions. You have blown a breath of hope into the gasping hearts of our people. With your determination and unwavering strength, you have reminded us all what a stern heart can do. We stand with you today, and everyday, in the face of all adversity. Our oppressors will never hear silence. They will never see submission. They will never taste victory, and we will NEVER accept defeat. I pray that when you read this you're in your home with your family. I hope that by that time, the struggle you're facing will simply be a memory overshadowed by the persistent echo of every Palestinian voice telling you that you are our hero.

from Joe Catron

Dear Khader,

Your valiant example of selflessness and courage reminds us all that dignity, perseverance, and struggle are always possible, even under the most oppressive conditions.

As you enter history's innermost circle of heroes, the world's billions can only pray to bring our families, faiths, and peoples as much honor as you have rightfully won for yours.

I believe that someday, you will be remembered as the father of a free Palestine. And I promise you that I, and legions more you have inspired, will never stop fighting for it.

My deepest respect and undying gratitude,

Joe Catron

International solidarity activist

Gaza, Palestine

from Andrew Day

I am a 29 year old white christian from Newfoundland, Canada. I have never met Khader Adnan or his family, or any of his friends. I have no real sense of being oppressed or what it is like not to be free. This amazing man isn't found on the news here. Yet I feel compelled to write to you now that He has touched my Heart. He stands for the Rights of all of the Human Race. Please know that if it seems at times that nowone is listening, they are. They may be found in odd places, But the world is listening. Herts like mine are being touched. I have thought of Khader at every meal I have eaten these past weeks. I send this family all of the Love I have and wish them Peace from this rock I cling to. ♥ God bless

from Sylvia Posadas

Your example of courage and resistance in the face of cruel tyranny is an inspiration. You have my full solidarity and hope for success in your struggle for justice. One day soon Israel's apartheid and colonialism will end, as all apartheid, colonial regimes have ended, and your contribution will never be forgotten. Let's hope the messages which are echoing around the world for you light a flame for freedom to end the darkness of Israel's malicious oppression and to end your unjust incarceration without trial or charge. May all the Palestinian prisoners be freed.

from Fidaa E

As we strike in solidarity with you, we feel our stomachs growl with rage at the injustice you are facing, we are dizzy from the inattention your abuse is receiving, we lack focus in our daily routines as we ponder the struggles that you and the rest of Palestine's heroic prisoners continuously face, we ignore the pangs of pain shooting from our empty stomachs but cannot help but be distracted by the immense determination and selflessness you have taught us, as we balance ourselves when we stand we remember the stand you have taken in not compromising your dignity and the dignity of Palestine in the face of your oppressors. We strike in solidarity with you because you are on the side of truth and justice and this is a battle we will surely win.

Praying for your release, recovery, and safety ♥