Khader adnan peace from Alabama,USA

Assallamuallaikum Khader

Your solidarity and commitment to your hunger strike has inspired me greatly. My heart breaks for your family and you. May all the children, especially yours, of Gaza be freed of this. May your solidarity rise awareness to the disaster that is taking place in Palestine and End the loss of life there. May you be freed and allowed to see your family and children once again. May all your patience and wholeheartedness be rewarded in Jannah. You and your family are an inspiration. I will pray for you alll every day May Allah have mercy on you. Ameen.

Xoxo Sehar Ezez

Hunger strikes and human rights

Israel has shown time and again its flagrant abuse and disregard for human rights. Murder torture land occupation and when Khader Adnan shows resistance with their final ultimate sacrifice of hunger strike the tyrants of Israel show no mercy. Detention without trial an abuse of universal human rights. The body will be so weakened by this hunger strike that has gone beyond full recovery that they will suffer for the rest of their life-but Israel you will stand accused of murder to let another Palestinian die from your regimes injustice. Accused of murder for all the world to see - free khader adnan if his wishes are to suffer the ultimate sacrifice for his country and people the world will not forget -

Love from Chicago to Palestine

Dear Khader, Every time I try to write something about you, I freeze. No words, no matter what, will do your sacrifices justice. You are the epitome of resistance, resilience and steadfastness. When the word "hero" comes to mind, people usually think something along the lines of Superman, Spiderman or some other cartoon hero. When I think of the word "hero," I think of you, waiting patiently; resisting and fighting injustice with everything in you. Just know that you are on the mind of every person with a conscience.

Love, solidarity and prayers from Chicago to Palestine

Nadine نادين

Message of solidarity to Khader Adnan

To Khader and family,

I, like many others, have been following up on your case, reading every update and hoping it's a good one; but all I kept hearing was the number of days on hunger strike increasing. It kept going up and up to a point where former hunger strikers who couldn't last longer were used as milestones. Everyday you hungerstrike you seemed stronger to us. More stubborn for justice. More human. A Hero. You defined what resistance to occupation is and what the whole Palestinian cause is about. You taught us how to fight for our rights even if it means a slow painful death. You taught us love for freedom, the land, palestinian people and most importantly justice. You were a role model for many when you kept your promise to not stop the hunger strike unless your demands are met. Khader, you may not be able to read this but I really hope you know that your name will resound in history forever. We will promise you that we'll teach our children and our grandchildren who Khader Adnan was and what he sacrificed for the Palestinian cause to be alive. The amount of love, support and respect we all have for you is endless.

To Khader's family, I feel ashamed as a human being and as a Palestinian to not have been of much help. I hope you understand that your husband, son, father, brother is a wonderful teacher and a hero. He touched more lives than he ever thought he'd be able to. We all heard his message of defiance and call for a life of dignity, free of occupation. Watching his mother, father and wife appeal to the world for help was heart-breaking to say the least and even his beautiful daughters' faces will burn in our memory. If he is not destined to live, please know that not only you'd lose him but all of us who got to know him in those 60 days. Humanity itself will lose an important advocate. Palestine will lose another son. Maybe we are asking for too much but please find it in your heart to accept our apologies for we have failed you and failed the Palestinian cause.

No words will truely describe what I feel right now but I really hope you read this in peace with hope of a better future towards a free Palestine. A Palestine that is proud to have Khader Adnan as a true noble defender of the cause.

With love,
Hala A.

<3 from Chicago

Assalaamu alaikum Khader. 

Your resilience, steadfastness, and strength are the most inspiring things existing in the world at this time. You are truly amazing, and truly a hero. We will never stop praying for you and we will never stop fighting for justice. You embody what it means to be Palestinian and I know your struggle for justice, not only for yourself, but for every Palestinian, is more nourishment than food. Your hunger strike is courageous and you are a remarkable human being. Insha'Allah it is justice that you and we will achieve. This will not be in vain. I am thinking of you always in this time and wish that I could give you and your entire family a hug. Your resistance is worthy of our highest respect. Thank you.

Love from Chicago. <3 عنان

Solidarity from Ireland

We are watching your heroic struggle, no matter what happens you are a true hero my brother.  We are thinking about you and talking about you all the time in my country, we are watching you as you give your life for freedom.  Your empty stomach is a weapon that Israelis can never fight against no matter how hard they try. 

We love you brother Khader, children all over the world will be named after you.

Payton Fitzpatrick


You are an inspiration to all! You're story and your message embodies the spirit of resistance in the face of injustice and inequality. May Allah be with you.


dearest brother khader and family,
bless you in this very difficult time.
i wish i could give you a hug 
and whisper in your ear,
"Allah is with you always."
love, noor <3

Solidarity and Respect to Khader Adnan

I never knew who Khader Adnan was until my daughter told me she read about him on twitter.  I just looked up some information about him and saw the solidarity videos from Ireland done for this great man and I am touched beyond belief.  To his family, please know that he is an inspiration to people all over the world not just to the Palestinian people.  The history of the liberation of Palestine is being written by Khader and we are all alive to bear witness to his strength and his courage the likes of which I have not yet witnessed.  To Americans, you are watching someone with even more tenacity than Gandhi had die for the liberation of his land, do something for him.  Tell your representatives to stop sending military aid to Israel, chances are they won't care but can you live with yourself if you remain silent?   I know I can't.

Graziella M. Walker