Khader Adnan, with respect and love.

There are no words to tell you my respect and affection, brother. Your body may have been emprisoned, but your spirit was, is, and will always be free. All my love and compassion to your relatives and friends. Wassyla-Hayat (وسيلة - حياة ).

Prayers from London.

Asalaamu alaikum Khader,
I first came across your case by a message sent by a human rights attorney Noura Erakat through the social networking site, Twitter, once I had read what you were protesting I couldn't help but feel sad that I hadn't heard of your case before. As each day goes by the number increases and I cannot help but think, what are the Israeli authorities exactly waiting for? I remember watching a video about Barack Obama visiting an American University and he was asked a question about Israel and he responded by calling Israel a "vibrant democracy…strongest allies" and I watched this before I had heard of your case Khader and now every time I think of your case immediately the words "vibrant democracy" comes to mind. How could he so publicly call Israel a "vibrant democracy" when they deny your basic human right to a fair trial? as days go by that question becomes more rhetorical. Khader I would like to say that not a day goes by that you are not in my prayers and thoughts and I am truly heart broken and reduced to tears when I think of what you are going through. To call you a hero would be an understatement you stand and represent not only the suffering of Palestinians but you stand and represent for humanity. You exemplify what every Palestinian is fighting for, your sheer bravery and perseverance even at a time where you are physically suffering but your heart and mind are stronger than ever. You embody what it means to fight for your rights, fight for your freedom and not allowing people in a position of authority to abuse that. What saddens me as well is the uproar and backlash in the media when the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured and everyone demanded his freedom, but yet your human rights are being compromised and refused and this isn't the most talked about story in the media? This only shows what kind of world we live in today, and it is because of you, you are not allowing us all to live in a world like that. It is up to us to make sure people never forget what you stand for and what you are doing, I pray the Allah (swt) keep you with us bless you and your whole family and gives you strength. Your case Khader not only shows how much of a hero you are but also made me acknowledge before religion could ever be enforced, Allah (swt) created human beings, he created mankind. Therefore humanity must be preserved before the difference in beliefs ever could. The respect I have for you I could not describe it in words, my heart goes out to you and your family, you are the epitome of perseverance, anyone with a conscious regardless of their beliefs and route in life they are able to understand the fight you are making for your freedom. Palestine is praying for you, my family are praying for you and your family and so is anyone who has a conscious and is protesting around the world for your freedom. Inshallah Allah (swt) will free us all.
To Khaders family, I cannot imagine what you are going through, I would like you to know that you are in my prayers and many others, an inspiration and hero are not even enough to describe what Khader means to us all. Reading the statements you talked about, about Khader's physical state and his call for freedom is truly heart breaking. I truly have so much respect and love for you all and Inshallah he will be free, Inshallah Palestine will be free and his name is for ever engraved in my heart, of someone who refuses to accept that their freedom and human rights can be refused over a law which contradicts what people perceive Israel to stand for as a "vibrant democracy". You are all in our prayers you all truly have a father, husband, son & brother who the world will be forever indebted to as an embodiment of perseverance and the right to freedom. I truly hope you read this and know that you as a family we thank you for having someone who will refuse to accept it is okay that they are not allowed their right to a fair trial. We are all with you, we are proud to know Khader Adnan as an exemplary human being and a fighter for human rights.
May Allah (swt) continue to give you all strength, and freedom for all. Ameen.
With Love,From London, Suhur, H.

Stay Strong Comrade

Comrade Adnan your struggle has once again highlighted the tyranny, injustice and brutality of the israeli state. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and your comrades at what must be the most horribly difficult time in all your lives. May you all stay strong and i hope these messages show that your selfless sacrafice is reverbarating all over the world.

Your Comrade

Angus-John MacLeod
Isle of Barra

Unveiling the indecency of Israel

With every day, with every report, with every hair lost from Khader Adnan's head - with every gram of muscle lost, with every precious moment stolen away from his life -

Israel's hideous indecency is uncovered, its inhumanity is made clearer, louder, more obvious.

It is as though Khader Adnan had forced the whole world to silence, and unveiled the monster, stopped its dance, made it impossible not to see that the whole pretense of humanism was a lie.

I wish the price of this unveiling were not so terribly steep.

Love and Prayers from Pakistan

Dear Khader,

We all pray and hope that it turns out alright for you. Even if it does not in this life, it definitely will in the next. Please also pray for the entire Muslim Ummah because the prayers of the oppressed are readily accepted. 


Solidarity from Chicago

Dear Khader,

I will try to say this the best I could, but words cannot do justice how much you have inspired people all over the world. You have sacrificed so much to nonviolently resist the dehumanization, brutality, and cruelty Israel has imposed on you and all other Palestinian detainees. Please know that your remarkable courage and steadfastness will never be forgotten in Palestinian history. Actually, not only in Palestinian history, but in world history. We will all make sure of that. You are a hero. No matter what Israel does, it will never take away your dignity.

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Peace and blessings from Chicago,

Shirien شرين

Great soul

I am saddened by the Israeli's lack of humanity but encouraged by your bravery and the thousands do people all over the world that are praying for you and your family and the Palestinian people.

In solidarity

Melinda Huntley

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Your suffering and Our tears

Beloved Mr. Khader Adnan,


It is with a trembling heart that I humbly approach your most honorable presence. The holy writings say that God's strength is revealed in the weakness of His servants. If that is true, you have glorified God in your suffering with great faith in His goodness for mankind and with perfect integrity as a man of great conviction. Your unwavering integrity in standing for what if right and correct in God's eyes for you and for your people will forever be a force for justice and freedom to all people of the world. I had come to believe that God did not exist and was ready to accept a life without faith in a Supreme Being but your peaceful stand and silent suffering in the name of Allah has shattered the stone wall around my heart and allowed God to enter it again. I thank you for being a force for good and for salvation in my life and I know that you will be victorious in your fight for justice as God honors your sacrifice of love. 


Your dear wife and children and family reflect the beauty, love and grace as you bless their lives with your great act of love and peaceful resistance to evil. Surely God in heaven will bless you and your beautiful family for all eternity. I am honored to know you and of your love for humanity. I am a human rights activist in the USA in contact with many in in Palestine and around the world who also resist the cruel occupation of your people and your land. Our love for you, your family and all of Palestine will never perish. You will forever live in my heart and my sincere prayer of faith is for your complete recovery, complete happiness and complete freedom! May God keep you and protect you and your family! May He bless you with joys beyond human understanding. You are truly blessed and I know God is with you, Sir! All our love from my family to yours!


In solidarity and In faith (thanks to you my brother),


Mirna Miranda

3409 N Overland Trail

LaPorte, Colorado USA 80535