from Konrad Aderer

I'm an American documentary filmmaker whose life was changed by the struggle of the Palestinian activist Farouk Abdel-Muhti. In his 2 year detention he also led hunger strikes for immigrant and other political prisoners in the U.S. I thank you for your great self-sacrifice and faith in the ultimate triumph of justice, and I believe your struggle will help inspire solidarity with and ultimate victory for the Palestinian people.

from Diana Alzeer

You have taught us so much Khader and your struggle will continue to teach us life. I admire your strength and I feel so humbled in front of all that you have been doing. Hopefully you'll be released and go home to your family and children safe....

A letter to Khader Adnan from Dalia Ghorab

Good morning Khader ..

I woke up this morning, unlike every morning i didnt head to kitchen to make my coffee, I just switched on my laptop to check news about Khader Adnan .. thank God .. you are still alive. I got an invitation on Facebook page .. " send a solidarity letters to #KhaderAdnan " .. even though i think about your case much I feel like i don't have much to say .. I feel humbled in front of all that you have been doing. 

Last night I ended up 6 days of hunger strike, those 6 days were horrible .. horrible !! how tiny I am

comparing what i'v done to what you have done and still doing. freedom is priceless

you are a free man in jail. you are more free than any one of us. you taught me, and inspired me.

people like you Adnan will never die. Stay strong and may you return safe and sound to your family very soon, your death is unacceptable, this world needs more of you.. more of Khader Adnan.

Regards .. Dalia 

from Ken O'Keefe

Like so many before you, and surely many more to come, between death with honour or life without it, you have chosen the former. Nothing but love and respect to my brother Khader Adnan. There will be justice. TJP