from Geraldine Kelly

good vibes, wishes and hope sent from Ireland,,what a brave man your truely are Khader,,,my prayers are with you and your family for a good outcome to this injustice,,,inshallah,,,tiochfadh ar la,, viva palestina

In solidarity with Khader Adnan

Dear Khader Adnan,

You are our hero!

We will always stay in solidarity with you. Our prayers and thoughts are always with you and your family.

You have touched a lot of people with what you are doing. You certainly have a place in our hearts and always will do. May Allah give you and your family the strength to carry on.

Israel will get what’s coming to them! If not in this world then defiantly in the next!

You along side with all our other Palestinian brothers and sisters will always be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers and we will always stay in solidarity with you! We shall not be silenced until Palestine is free and justice is served!


- Sabba

Solidarity from Italy

Dear Khader have all my respect and solidarity, not to give up the web is with you.

You are in our hearts, that together can support your beating.

Hugs to you and your family from Italy 


Silvia R.

Message of Solidarity

Dear Khader,

We of Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association send this message of solidarity to you with heavy hearts. We applaud the bravery and self-sacrifice you have shown in undertaking your hunger strike. We want to let you know that your pain has not gone unnoticed - we feel for your pain, pain you have chosen to bear only when the alternative was torture and imprisonment inflicted by the cruel Occupiers without mercy and without reason.

We want to let you know that your actions have had a huge effect and the issue of administrative detention has received the attention of the media in a way previously impossible. What you are doing on behalf of all Palestinians is noble and will make a difference.

However, we will join with you in our small way and not rest until Palestinians are given their dignity, given their human rights and attain their freedom. You have brought that day closer with your incredible courage.

In solidarity,
Caroline (on behalf of Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association)

Peace, love and Prayers from Chicago

Dear Amo Khader,


No amount of words can describe your courage, steadfastness and resilience. You are an inspiration to us all. The overwhelming love and aching for you and your family have and will always reside in my heart. You have given us all the strength that we need; you have given us dignity and shown the world that no amount of Israeli cruelty can take that away from you! Your steadfastness is moving mountains.


لا اله الا هو عليه توكلت و هو رب العرش العظيم ما شالء الله كان و ما لم يشا لم يكن اشهد ان الله علی كل شیء   قدير و ان الله قد احاط بكل شیء علما اللهم اني اعوذ بك من شر نفس و من شر كل دابة انت اخذ بناصيتها ان ربی علی صراط مستقيم


Peace, Love and lots of Prayers from Chicago


 Wedad وداد 

Message from Liverpool Friends of Palestine to the Adnan family and Israeli government

Liverpool Friends of Palestine stands in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoner Khadar Adnan (and his family), who has now reached his 61st day on hunger strike in an Israeli prison. Furthermore we utterly condemn this typically cynical behaviour of the Israeli government, to watch a man starve to death rather than charging him with any crime. 

In solidarity,

Urgent Appeal: Mr. Khader Adnan

Begin forwarded message:

From: Uri Horesh
Subject: Urgent Appeal: Mr. Khader Adnan
Date: February 16, 2012 6:33:23 AM EST

Dear Baroness Ashton,

I write to you with grave concern for the welfare of Mr. Khader Adnan, a Palestinian national, who has been detained by the Israeli military for 62 days now under what is known as "administrative detention," i.e., incarceration without a specific criminal charge, let alone trial, evidence or conviction. He has been tortured and humiliated during this process by his captors, and has therefore decided to go on hunger strike, which is now about to cost him his life, unless urgent international intervention is put forth.

Your Ladyship has been known to intervene in cases of captivity in the past, most notably that of Sgt. Gilad Schalit. Mr. Adnan is in dire need of such intervention. Physicians for Human Rights - Israel have determined that his life is in "immediate danger:"

I, an Israeli citizen, have appealed to the military commander who has issued his detention warrant, to the military judge advocate general, to the Israeli minister of defense, and to the consul general of Israel in Philadelphia, where I currently reside, but to no avail. It is rare for a citizen of a country to turn to a foreign agency for intervention, but it seems as if the powers that be in my own country have failed to show moral fortitude.

Once again, I urge you to act on behalf of the European Union, and indeed, on behalf of humanity, and save Mr. Adnan's life.

Sincerely yours,

Uri Horesh

in Solidarity from Ireland


Tá mé lán de mheas duit leis an méid atá tú ag fulaingt ar son do mhuintir. Le cuidiú Dé tiocfaidh bhur lá go luath.

I'm full of respect and admiration at your suffering for the wellbeing of your people. God willing justice and peace will come soon.

This is for your Family

When I heard about the bravery of your father I was amazed.  I heard about that he had two children, both little daughters.  I also heard about his studies at Bir Zeit University, he's working on his Master's degree in Economics.  On top of all that I noted he was a baker.  You know well the smell of your Dad's amazing bread.  He could probably bake something that Palestine is famous for, that's Manakeesh Zaatar.  I am writing this because I know your father is on his 61st day of a hunger strike.  Not many people are willing to give up what they love the most, in order so that others will not have to lose what they love the most.  Your father is a great man, now and always.  

Gaelic Neilson

A l'attention de Khader Adnan et des siens.

Vous nous êtes devenu tellement familier que nous aimerions vous appeler "Cher ami, cher Camarade" et non Monsieur...

Nous suivons avec grande attention votre lutte exemplaire et totale.

A travers votre lutte de grève de la faim, nous n'oublions pas les plus de 5000 Palestiniens qui sont incarcérés, les quelques femmes qui restent à libérer et tous les enfants si abominablement maltraités. 

A vous seul, vous êtes le chef de la révolte contre les conditions inhumaines des incarcérations barbares, arbitraires et sauvages d'une entité sioniste détestable (et détestée), inhumaine, n'ayant en elle que que haine contre tout individu Palestinien.

De partout des voix d'élèvent, des articles parlant de votre juste lutte se propagent, se partagent, afin que chacun soit informé le plus complètement possible.


Cheikh Rhader Adnan, Nous vous saluons, mais nous nous inclinons devant vos parents, votre dame et vos enfants dont le courage et la dignité n'ont d'égals que les vôtres.


Je prie qu'Allah fasse intervenir ceux qui ont entre leurs mains le pouvoir de faire plier l'entité sioniste , ce qui vous rendra la liberté afin de récupérer une bonne santé, lentement mais soigné par d'excellents médecins arabes Palestiniens.


En votre 61eme jour de grève de la faim, croyez en ma fidélité à l'option de Palestine libre et arabe. 

Partagez mes meilleurs sentiments avec vos enfants, votre épouse et vos chers parents.


Que Dieu vous protège et vous accorde la Victoire. Amine


La ilaha illa Allah Mohamad rassoul Allah.