Yasmeen M. San Diego, CA

Dearest Khader Adnan,
You refrain from food so that others may taste freedom. But I hope and pray every day that you will taste the sweet victory of your struggle.
With love and solidarity,
Yasmeen, CA


My family and I hereby wish to declare our support to the family of Khader Adnan. From the southern tip of Africa (Cape Town) we salute Khader for his stance against the oppressive and unjust apartheid regime of israel.
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Ricardo Lopez - Lima, Peru

My deepest solidarity and admiration to my dear brother Khader Adnan. You are really Brave, Courageous and Caring human being. We worldwide will continue to stand on your side, in the struggle to achieve Justice for Palestine once and for all. Thank you for exist dear brother, you are and will always be in our hearts. Much Love and Blessings to you and your family.

from Harsha Prabhu

Sending you love and solidarity for your courageous act challenging the barbarity of the Israeli law of detention without trial. Your heroic action is supported by freedom-loving people everywhere. xxx Harsha, Byron Bay, Australia