"Your sixty-six days of power" by Sami Kishawi, from Chicago to the Gaza Strip

Khader Adnan, let it be known that it is your willpower, your courage, and your determination to defy injustice that has sparked Palestine's beacon of hope. Very few people can move the world the way you've done and the fact that you've done it all, selflessly of course, for a people deprived of their human rights and self-sovereignty makes you all the more spectacular. You are a role model and if I could do just one percent of what you've accomplished, I would be content with myself.

I will take the liberty of speaking on behalf of myself, my community, my city, and my people and say that you, Khader Adnan, will forever be recognized as a primary reason for the collapse of the occupation and an end to the apartheid and racism on which Israel has institutionalized its very existence. With the grace of God, your sixty-six days of power have proven to be stronger than anything Israel could literally and figuratively throw at you. You are a living symbol of just how strong the Palestinian composure truly is.

I hope to meet you one day. In a free Palestine, we will cross paths and I will shake your hand with gratitude for managing to revive in me a sense of hope for Palestine. Thank you, and thank your wife, your family, and your friends for teaching us how to appreciate our heroes.

Sami Kishawi, from Chicago to the Gaza Strip

thinking of you

Dear Khader so many people are aware of your brave stance – I hope your strength lasts until your appeal is listened to by the Israeli government.


Thinking of you

You stopped eating for the sake of mama Palestine ! please, start eating for the sake of your dear mum ! You are already a winner :)
May Allah save you and give you strength.


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Wishing a Best Recovery for you our Hero

Okay, I want to go to Palestine and wait in the line to shake Khader Adnan's hand next summer. I’ve never touched such greatness. I want to see him with my own eyes. He’s the reason for the new compassion for the Palestinian cause. I want to shower his new baby with hearts and presents. Want to smile at his wife. Want to hear his daughters laugh.

Jenn Thomas
-Maine, USA

from a Palestinian American

Brother Khader,

I want you to know that your non-violent act of refusing food has given more attention to the plight of thousands of your brothers and sisters who are political prisoners who are never charged and spend much of their lives in jail. You did not suffer in vain. You bring pride to Palestinians all over the world. Your act is an act of courage and dignity. I will pray for you, your family, for all of our brothers and sisters in jail, and for a free Palestine.

الله معك يا أخي


A Palestinian-American

Khader Adnan

Asalaam Alaikam

I hope my message reaches you with peace and blessings, you are a very strong man. May Allah grant you jannat al firdaws. I'm so happy to hear you are now safe and eating subhanAllah. We are all behind you!

Stand Strong

To the Adnan Family,

your struggle has proven that there is justice. There is justice even when it seems smaller than a speck of sand swirling around in the air. Yor steadfastness, determination and will to show the world that Palestine is well & alive. You chose the path of non-violence and you won. You chose the hardest path in the face of occupation and discrimination- but your path led you to victory.

I hope to see many more victories for Palestine as you have embodied Khader. I hope to see all Palestinians, young & old stand up and take the path of non-violence, because in the end it will be the peaceful that will win this fight.

I am sending all my love, from the bottom of my heart to your entire family and to all of Palestine. In Palestine hope is the first to fight and the last to die, and you khader have shown that hope & determination are the beating heart of Palestine.

Much love, hugs, and kisses for all of Palestine.

Tonight the stars shine just for you.

Ania Ferensowicz

خضر عدنان

شكرا خضر عدنان شكر لصمودك اعدت لنا كرامة غابت لسنين طويلة والاهم عادت فلسطين لنشرات الاخبار

  محمد حوسه - لاجئ

Judith Joy, Skipton, UK

Dear Khader Adnan,

I have seen the picture of your wife with your two daughters and marvel at the strength of a man ready to sacrifice so much of his life for the Palestinian cause. I hope even the Israeli authorities will see the strength of your sacrifice and the effect it will have world wide and I pray they will relent and restore you to your wife and family or place a charge against you. I follow the reports of the Machsom Watch women and see clearly the despicable behaviour of the government of Israel, a country I once supported. I now support Palestine, your country and you Mr. Adnan and work for the rights Israel denies you.

With my sincere support and hope for your future,

Judith Joy.

Message to Khader Adnan from Austria

Dear Khader, My message will only tell you, that you are the best known man also here in far away Austria. And me and my Pax Christi friends are very proud of your non-violant  resistance. We keep you in our hearts and pray to God/Allah to be at your side and give you strenght and hope  Yours from Austria, Gerhilde Merz