Support for you on your hungerstrike Shana Wilcox, Milford, DE US

I am sending you a note in support for you and your fellow prisoners during this bleak time. I pray for you and your family and hope for your release and the release of all political prisoners in Palestine. I support you in your stance against the oppressive apartheid regime that is the state of Israel. God bless you. Sincerely Shana Wilcox.

In solidarity with Khader Adnan

Dear Khader,

We write to send you our deep sympathy and appreciation of your courageous hunger strike, and to express our solidarity with you and all Palestinians in administrative detention.

Rest assured that we in the UK, working individually and with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Amnesty International, continue to strive for the attention and support of the international community to your case and for justice.

With sincere good wishes for success in this endeavour,and in solidarity with your family,

Marilyn and Bob Jarrett. Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Eron Davidson, New York

Khader. Much of my time is taken by working for justice for Palestinians here in the United Sates. Sometimes I grow weary, and burnt out. Perhaps an easy thing to happen in my privileged setting of who I am and where I live. When this happens, just know that it is people like you, with travails like yours, that pick us up, compel us to keep working, and instill steadfastness within us. My heart is bleeding for you and your family.

In deep solidarity

Your courageous fight for justice is an incredible example for your comrades, and 
a very important stand for humanity defying Israel's apartheid logic and actions.

In solidarity with you and all Palestinian prisoners!


Support for Khader Adnan from the Jewish community

I'm Jewish and I support the Palestinians in their struggle against the Israeli government's human rights violations. My best wishes go out to Khader and Randa Adnan, their children, their family, and their community. Many people in the Jewish community stand in solidarity with Khader Adnan. We call on the Israeli government to end their discriminatory, inhumane treatment of the Palestinian and Bedouin peoples. We call for a ban on torture and administrative detention. May Khader Adnan live a long life with his loved ones and thrive in peace. - Lina, California

Message from the Cape Cultural Collective

Dear Kader

We are thinking of you during as you enter your 65th day of your hunger strike against injustice at your detention and the continued inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people. We hope that you will live to see justice prevail.

In love and solidarity from Cape Town, South Africa

Zenariah Barends

(Cape Cultural Collective)