Alhamdulillah rabil'alamin!

Mashallah brother!

I want to tell you that your hunger strike will draw great attention to the racist, religiously bigoted, imperialist/fascist state of Israel. Many are comparing you to Bobby Sands, who was a prisoner of the British during the Irish Troubles in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Your jihad against Zionist injustice will not go unnoticed by your comrades. Your jihad against western imperialism is the jihad of the oppressed and the marginalized around the world. May Allah carry you through this struggle. May Allah bless your family and you. May Allah end the Palestinian suffering. May Allah bring an end to Zionism. May Allah bring the world to divest from Tel Aviv as soon as possible. Inshallah! Peace brother. My heart is with you.

Thomas Lane

“Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down” – Frederick Douglass

deepest solidarity

Having been on long, water-only hunger strikes, I have some idea of what Khader is going through. I admire his willingness to risk all for the cause of justice and righteousness. I was glad to see a story about his brave action in the New York Times recently; the word is spreading.   Ted Glick

Adnan Khader

I hope you know how many of us support you and pray for Adnan in this terrible time. We hope that he will be released and able to rejoin his family. And we hope for better times for all Palestinians.

Our love and God bless you!

Kathy van Praag

JoAnne Lingle, Indianapolis IN USA

As I write to Khader Adnan and his family, I am thinking about and praying for Khader and his family.

Khader, you are loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have never met you.

You are honored because you are speaking truth and righteousness with your body and soul.

I am inspired by your courage and commitment to justice and will fast this week in solidarity with you.

Khader Adnan, you are my hero!

Laura from Oakland, California

compañero, your courage resonates throughout the corners of the world where justice refuses to remain silent. your offering is not in vain. we are here, we are listening, and you are not alone. sue viva palestina libre! (long live free palestine)