Rasha A.M. from Saudi Arabia

Khader you are my father , my brother & my future sons . 
I'm sorry we have let you down .
I'm sorry you have to fight this fight for us . 

I stand in solidarity with you in your fight to expose Israel's inhumane and vicious treatment of you and all Palestinians .

No words I write will ever express my feelings of helplessness and guilt , nor give you any justice ,so I will just stop here .

Sun will shine again

Dear Adnan

Just to let you know our thoughts are with you. Justice will come one day and hopefully efforts like yours will ensure our children will inherit a better world where they can live in peace

I hope our lines will contribute to justice being done and you will be freed soon.

Best regards
Berat Pottinger

from Mohammod Siddek

Khader Adnan is no longer just a man. After 65 days on hunger strike he has become an icon, an avatar, a face for the oppressed who stand together to rise up against their oppressors. This world is disgustingly imbalanced and unfairly weighted so that the wealthy few are so easily able to squash and silence the poor masses but we must seek people like Khader Adnan for those with will of iron, such as he, are able to plant the seeds of inspiration within others and once the seed sprouts it is hard to stop its growth. Although it maybe impossible to cut down one sapling, if we all unite and stand together as one the oppressors will see that the forest cannot be consumed for the forest is forever growing.

~ Mohammod Siddek

free khader adnan!

To Khader Adnan, his family, friends and supporters
The Palestine Committee of Norway have today sendt the letter below to the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.
Today there has also been this article in the newspaper Klassekampen - Class Struggle:

We hereby want to show you our deepest respect and solidarity, as a representative for all palestinian detainees and prisoners.

On behalf of the Palestine Committee, in solidarity - Kjersti Nordby

Oslo February 20th 2012
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Release Khader Adnan – end the administrative detention!

Khader Adnan, a spokesperson for Islamsk Jihad on the West Bank, was imprisoned by israeli military forces 17. of December last year and since then held in administrative detention. He is now in his 65th day of hunger strike. His health condition is critical.
”Administrative detention” is a procedure the Israeli military uses to hold detainees indefinitely on secret evidence without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.
The detention lasts for six months, and can be renewed an unlimited number of times, still without evidence and trial.
Both on The West Bank and the Gaza strip there has  been large deminstrations for his support.
In 1981 the IRA activist and Member of Parliament in Ireland, Bobby Sands lost his life, after 66 days of hunger strike. 10 Irish prisoners died on hunger strike which triggered massive demonstrations in Northern Ireland. The prisoners situation concerns all factions and families in Palestine because most have experienced having a family member in jail. Israel has detained more than 700 000 Palestinians, equivalent to 20 percent of the population of the occupied West Bank and Gaza, since the Israeli occupation began in 1967.
Today there are 307 Palestinian prisoners under administrative custody, 21 were members of the Palestinian Parliament, elected in 2006, PLC. Also athletes are sitting in administrative detention. Mahmoud Assersek, a young and promising football player from the Gaza Strip, was imprisoned in July 2009 when he tried to reach the West Bank in order to audition for a Palestinian Football Club.
The Palestine Committee of Norway now ask the Government, Foreign Minister calling on the Israeli Government with demands for the immediate release of Khader Adnan. We request continued pressure to stop the unacceptable and widespread use of administrative detention against the Palestinian population.
Med hilsen
Line Khateeb/s
Amnesty Norway
”Friends of Palestine” on Stortinget, the Norwegian Parliament

The Palestine Committee of Norway is a solidarity organization dedicated to the Palestine cause. Since it was founded late 1969, the organization has done its solidarity work both in Palestine and Norway. The Trade Union Section was founded in 2006, and has since then worked towards members in Norwegian Trade Union movement.

See the Program of principles for the Committee here:


You Will Win

History is pretty clear that indigenous peoples legitimate struggle for self-determination do ultimately succeed. Your suffering -- your death -- will change the course of this struggle as more and more "Westerners" come to the full consciousness of Israeli crimes against Palestinians, against humanity. In Israel, too, more and more are coming around to understanding that their government is an outcast and bandit among nations. Justice will be done as, all at once, both inside and outside Zionist control, everything changes. You are a catalyst for that change.

Feeling shame

Dear Khader,

It is totally insufferable that the Israelis are treating you in this fashion – as a Jew I would like to apologise to you for the dreadful (and totally illegal and uncalled for) things that you are being subjected to.

I do hope, most passionately, that all the protests bear fruit and you can call off your hunger strike.

 In sympathy,

Ann Jungman  (London)

Solidarity with Khader

We stand in solidarity with your courageous struggle. May you be freed and return to good health, and return to the resistance of this illegal and inhumane occupation.

John F. Ronan

Dia Duit!!

Dia Duit!!

Hello, and God be with you.

Ten men died to fight the injustice of incarceration without trial, in Ireland, in the year of 1981. The British, to this day, still occupy our land, criminalise and brutalise the Irish Republican. In 1981 women of Palestine came out onto the streets to show solidarity with our brave men. May I just say how disgusted I am, that the Irish Nation has so far failed to support you. That being said, there are a brave group of men and women that support your cause. Keep fighting.

They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one man who doesn’t want to be broken.