We are thinking of you and your family

Salam Alaikoum dear Khader and family,

Every day we are thinking of you and your family. May Allah be with you and protect and guide you on the road of your life. 
We are fighting with you for a free Palestine and a free Palestine for ever.
Be aware that we are with you and forever in your fight / struggle for a free Palestine.

Henny A.J. Kreeft / the Netherlands
Chairman of Dutch Muslim Party 

To Mr. Khader ADNAN and his family

سيدي الفاضل،
 أنا لست قلقة بشأنك فالله إلى جانبك يتولاك برحمته، أراك عزيزاً في عينه التي ترقبك برضىً، غالياً في يده الرؤوفة، صلباً كالحق الذي أنزل في كتابه...  
أنا يا سيدي النبيل قلقة على نفسي! فهل سيسامحني الله لأني أبيت في فراشي كل ليلة بينما فراشك بارد في بيتك، ولأن زوجي يعود إليّ كل مساء بينما زوجتك والأطفال ما زالوا ينتظرون أن تطل عليهم من باب الدار.

أصلي لأجلك أيها البطل،
أفكّر فيك دوماً يا سيدة رندة،
نفّس الله كربتكم وعجّل لكم بالفرج وجعلها ثقيلة في ميزان حسناتكم يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون إلا من أتى الله بقلب سليم...

I stand with Khader

Please tell Khader and his family that as a Palestinian in the Diaspora, I am proud of his resolve and dignity and that he is in the hearts of Palestinians everywhere.

our deepest concern

Dear Khader and family,
My wife and I are deeply concerned about your health and wish we could bring you today our greatest wish in life to tell you Palestine is FREE!!! Being in our mid seventies and fought for the awful apartheid system in Sout Africa we will never give up to free Palestine.
Everyday every minute our thoughts are with you dear Khader and family.
Joop and Ans Jansen
The Netherlands 


Khader and family prayers and thoughts are with you can't imagine the pain and starin you are all going through am extremely proud of you standing up for your rights and something you believe in. Adam morris england Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

message for Khader and Randa

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear Khader, dear Randa!

I have spent the last week or more thinking every day about what to tell you. It is not that easy to put into words what I feel for you. The two of you are the ones bringing the change we all wish to see. I have immense respect for your actions, for the way you respond to the injustice you are facing.

My great grandfather had been a political prisoner, too. It was his origin that was deemed dangerous and unwanted by the regime that ruled out country back in his days. I never met him in person, but I know from my grandmother that he and his wife were facing all those things side by side. They have lost everything, and they struggled to survive, but not for one minute did they lose their dignity. They never accepted to become a part of the regime that oppressed them. For sure they had been offered to throw away their beliefs and embrace the official state ideology. It would have opened for them the door to living a comfortable life again. But they refused, because being free and honest inside one´s heart is not comparable to any “privileges” that this world might believe to give.

What I especially wish to tell you is this: Despite everything, never lose trust in our God, never doubt of his mercy and love. For God nothing is impossible. He only decides what will happen. It is only the human mind which likes to try to understand God´s power only within limits. We like to say ´this can be´ and ´this cannot be´, but it is never for us to know. Never fear anything, no matter how difficult it may seem to be. God is with you, and the more you rely on Him and seek His help, the closer He is to you.

In the on line world, in the last week or so, no story has a chance compared to yours. We learnt from you, we are spreading the word, we are standing by you. It is you who inspire us, and who teach us what sumoud and patriotism look like. You represent Palestine in the best way, Palestine loves you and all of the world loves you. We know of you, and we will never be silenced or intimidated defending you. Freedom, pride and dignity are the goal, and you are showing the way.

We are here for you. We pray for you, for your children, for your parents, for your wonderful nation that resists brutality in the most honourable way.

Stay strong.

God be with you all.

Barbora Weberova, Slovakia

from Alan in England

To Mr Khader Adnan

I believe you to be a very brave man and hope that your bravery is rewarded very soon. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I just wish you to know that a lot of people in England are trying to help in getting your situation known and also trying to get pressure put on the Israeli Government to have you released.

I hope above all else that we soon here of your release from prison.

May your God be with you


Umar Naseem Khan from Tripoli, Libya

Dear Khader,
It pains me to think of you but then i think of reason and the sacrifice you are making and that gives me strength and hope to think of a free Palestine. We stand by you and your right to Freedom and Dignity and want to express shame on the inaction by our leaders on such a sensitive issue. Inshallah your dream will soon be realized and i hope to meet with you someday in Free Palestine.
More power and prayers to you.
Ma Al Salaamah
Your Brother,
Umar Naseem Khan
Tripoli, Libya

I stand with you Khader Adnan

To the entire Adnan Family,
My name is Ania Paulina Ferensowicz. I am 21. I am Canadian and Polish. I am a journalist. For the last few years I have been tied to Palestine because of my work. Now I am tied to it because I have fallen in love with a Palestinian and I have fallen even deeper in love with the land, country, and her people.
I am writing to you to tell you, you are not alone. Your family is not alone. Your people are not alone. You see, as a journalist I have been taught to tell the truth, to tell stories of people who can not speak for themselves and ought to be heard. Of course the world media isn't always so interested in the uncomfortable truths.
But this is the truth: Through your struggle, your pain, and your longing I find hope that Palestine's fighting spirit has not gone out and that no occupation, no matter how strong can break people.
Please do not give up. Please do not lose hope. When I see your family, your wife, you, I see my own fiance. I see my future children. I see all Palestinians, near and dear to my heart.
Your call to freedom and dignity for your people is not ignored. The world will open their eyes, but please do not give up on us.