from Bob Shepherd

Solidarity In your struggle Khader. Your courageous stand is being supported by people across the world and will not be forgotten. The crimes of the Zionists will be repayed, Palestine will be free!

Free Khader Adnan! Free all Palestinian Political Prisoners! 

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! / Revolutionary Communist Group, Britain

hunger stike

Peace be upon you,

The Zionists may destroy the man, but they cannot destroy the idea, that the Palestine people have a right to live in the land of their ancestors, governed by Palestinians. for the Palestinians,in perpetuity, Since the Emperor Hadrian called Jerusalem Avia Palestinia ( the capital of Palestine ) , the land has belonged to the Palestine people, No Zionist or American can take this away,

May God be with you.

Solidarity from Tony Curtis in England

Dear Khader Adnan

I am writing to let you know that I have asked the UK Foreign Minister to intervene on your behalf with the Israeli authorities.

I wish you success in your fight for justice and hope that you survive.

Yours In Solidarity

Tony Curtis
Esh Winning
Co. Durham


khader Adnam
i am sending you and your family my love and solidarity
I send you thanks from the bottom of my heart for your generosity,courage and strength
May peace be with you In solidarity lally

Supporter from Australia Khader Adnan

Dear Family of Khader Adnan,

My message of support for brave Khader Adnan.
I live in Melbourne Australia and hope and work for a free Palestine.
My heritage is Irish and the hunger strike has been used by those who fought for Irish freedom from the British occupiers.
The motto of Greece is "Freedom or death" and the Chinese have a saying that it is better to die than perform "the kneel" before an oppressor.

May Khader Adnan live to see what worldwide support he has achieved for the Palestinian cause.
Free Palestine!

Sean Kenan
Melbourne, Australia

Solidarity from London

Dear Khader, 

Allah Yahefdek, God is with You... So are we.

You are a righteous, brave, courageous man to show the crimes and injustices our Palestinian friends are still suffering . 

God Bless you stay strong.

Lisa & Hanan

be well

Please khader please hold on to the rope from ALLAH. we think about you before we sleep at night, you must be very strong to do this. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU and your wife and little family =(( broken heart for all PALESTINE and what you are all going through

from mohamed and sarah


Dear Khader Adnan, 
                             I believe you have enormous courage in continuing your hunger strike and I sincerly hope the Israeli court will rule in your favour before it is too late. Hopefully, your plight will continue to raise awareness of the overwhelming injustices against all Palestinian people. There are many of us around the world who can see that what Israel continues to do to the Palestinians must surely be the most unjust occupation and abuse in the contemporary world. Myself and others around the world are with you in solidarity right now and until Israel ends it's occupation and abuse. You are not alone.
Much Love
Louise Woollett (United Kingdom)